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Wachtang Chazalia, znany jako Vaho Khazalia urodził się w Zugdidi, w Gruzji - obecnie mieszka i pracuje w Krakowie. Zajmuje się malarstwem, grafiką, fotografią i rzeźbą, jest także twórcą ikon. Jest absolwentem malarstwa i architektury na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Tbilisi – dyplom z wyróżnieniem w 1996 roku. Brał udział w wielu wystawach indywidualnych i zbiorowych w kraju i za granicą, Tbilisi, Gruzja (1992, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002); Moskwa, Rosja (1995); Ateny, Grecja (1999); Valencia, Hiszpania- odznaczony tytułem honorowego artysty przez Galerię ANAGMA (2000); Warszawa (2003, 2006); Kraków (2009); Miami, USA (2009). 

The beginning of creative work of the Artist Vakhtang Khazalia coincided with the sudden change of the Georgian painting, when the position of the young artists does not already match with the stereotypes and it was distinguished by energetic searching.

The artists of the last decade of the 20th century played a significant role in crossing conjuctural dogmatics and inculcating new tendency. Practically, under the conditions of a total information vacuum, they became able to foresee the experience of the old generation artists and to come nearer to the current process of the modern world painting.

Just the free expression turned the Georgian painting into the artistic appearance that is based on the intellectual self-realization and accordingly, it determined its romantic nature.

Aspiration for generalized thinking occurred to Vakhtang Khazalia during his study at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art that was clearly displayed in different canvases and portraits. Although, it needs to say that his works are not limited to the traditional understanding of the genre. 

The free artist has never been satisfied with the limitation of the topic and he was contriving to make such rhythmics in the monumental or small size canvases, that they arouse interest even today. His works achieve symbolical sonority by stylization of the figures and mythical associations.

But, in the monochromatic range of colors the features of pictorial thinking are clearly distinguished, that is typical in general, for the Georgian painting and the art critics consider them as individual occurence and Georgian phenomenon.

Vakhtang Khazalia never rests on his laurels and he always persistently searches for a new form of expressing subject (among his early works there are sculptural works and also chased works of art), but the artist’s searches are still connected with the painting. Inevitability of creating conformable mood of the subject, prompts to the artist to pay his attention in one case to the strained lineal rhythm (“Composition”, 1990), a few years later colourful range turns to cheerfully sharp contrast (“Apa”, “Two of them”, 2006-2007) that is caused by the interest of completely displaying of the color opportunities.

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